I UK [striːt] / US [strɪt] noun [countable]
Word forms "street":
singular street plural streets
a road in a town or city with houses or other buildings along it

Walk along the high street and turn left.

down/along/across/into etc the street:

I just saw Bill walking down the street.

street of:

Thousands of tourists wander the streets of Paris.

a) Street used in the names of roads. The written abbreviation is St

She works on Oakwood Street.

b) outside in a city or town
on/in the streets:

Additional police officers are being deployed on the streets.

c) [only before noun] relating to streets, or taking place on the streets in a city or town

a street map/sign

street crime

a street vendor/musician

a street corner (= the place where two streets meet)

the man/woman/personon/in the street — an average man/woman/person

The man in the street isn't very interested in ballet.

a one-way/two-way street — a street in which cars may travel in one direction/in both directions; an action, decision etc involving two people or groups that affects only one/both of them

Surveys of employers show that discrimination is a two-way street.

on/in the street — with no place to live

Funding to help families on the street is running out.

(right) up someone's streetBritish exactly the type of thing that someone is interested in or is good at doing

This sort of thing should be right up your street.

high street

II UK / US adjective [never before noun] informal
used to living in big cities and dealing with difficult situations that happen there

He's very street and rather loud, but he has a soft side.

English dictionary. 2014.


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